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SKKYNET是安全实时数据信息系统的全球领导者。Skkynet offers privately-hosted or fully managed solutions for moving data in industrial, embedded and financial systems, from anywhere to anywhere. We offer customers the award-winning SkkyHub™ cloud service to collect, process, and distribute real-time information over networks, locally and remotely, as well as DataHub®, a proven middleware product to securely acquire, monitor, control, visualize, network and consolidate live process data and financial data over insecure networks. Skkynet’s platform is uniquely positioned for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 because unlike the traditional approach for networked systems, Skkynet is secure-by-design.

Skkynet’s patented services and products allow data-intensive organizations to safely and securely manage, supervise, and control their assets locally and remotely in unique hybrid cloud configurations.

Skkynet通过全资子公司Skkynet Inc.,Skkynet Corp.和Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc.位于加拿大密西西沙


The DataHub is a single tool that lets you connect, concentrate, integrate, and redistribute your live data among sources and users in real time.


Establish secure, bidirectional data communication for your industrial systems. Receive, integrate, and stream over 50,000 data changes per second.


Pool data from all sources and protocols into a单一,统一数据集。任何客户都可以使用任何支持的协议访问任何数据子集:OPC UA,OPC Classic,MQTT,Modbus,DDE,TCP,ODBC,HTTP,XML等。

  • 网络OPC服务器和客户端
  • Integrate OPC UA with OPC DA
  • Connect to MQTT Brokers, including Azure, Google and Amazon IoT
  • 可视化您的数据,并进行监督控制
  • 将数据记录到任何SQL数据库
  • Bridge data between servers
  • 配置冗余连接
  • Modify your data in-stream
  • Connect securely to the Industrial IoT & Many more options


Uses DHTP for optimal security, resilience, and data throughput.
Connects any supported protocol, including OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus, and DDE.
Seamlessly integrates other DataHub feaures like data logging, bridging, redundancy, and scripting.

需要整合OPC DA和UA?作为OPC网关,DataHub允许您将任何OPC DA服务器或客户端连接到任何OPC UA服务器或客户端,本地或植物网络。

  • 保护您对OPC的投资
  • 未来证明您的系统
  • Simplify OPC UA migration

DataHub® IoT Gateway™ streams real-time OPC UA and OPC DA industrial data directly into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), device clouds, and Big Data analytics platforms.

  • Connect to any MQTT broker, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT and Amazon IoT Core
  • 使用我们的可选代理功能创建植物内部的IOT集线器
  • 支持发布和订阅


  • No point count restrictions
  • 包括OPC UA和DA的客户端和服务器界面

DataHub WebView™ is a web-deployed HMI that lets you create screens with drag-and-drop simplicity, for monitoring and controlling your system.

  • 无限客户端和数据连接
  • 实时响应,通过非常低的延迟连接
  • Centralized deployment—build screens anywhere and view them instantly everywhere
  • 包括强大的脚本工具,可以完全控制数据
  • Over 4,000 symbols and controls to choose from – need more, you can build your own easily

If you’re looking for a leading edge HMI to monitor your process, but you’re not ready to make the significant investment in a large and complex SCADA system, then DataHub WebView can easily meet your needs by delivering a self-contained system that includes real-time data delivery, web server and HMI designer for one enterprise wide solution with centralized management and deployment – all in one easy to install application.

The DataHub provides a highly reliable way to log your data to MS SQL Server, MySQL, OSI PI, Oracle or any other ODBC-compliant database.

  • Log to any existing table, or create a new one.
  • Built-in store and forward ensures that your data gets logged even during bursts of activity or network breaks.
  • 您还可以查询数据库并将结果写回数据源。

You can connect one OPC server to another OPC server with the DataHub, allowing changes in one piece of equipment to be communicated directly to another.

  • 在通过DataHub时缩放或修改数据。
  • Define more complex relationships with the built-in Scripting language.
  • 连接多个OPC服务器和客户端以创建常用数据集。
  • 桥的数据OPC DA、OPC UA和non-OPCservers as well.


  • Seamless, split-second switchovers minimize data loss.
  • Smart switchover only triggers when the data source changes.
  • Switchover can be based on changes to data points or connection quality.
  • 支持热,温暖和冷待机。

The DataHub’s built-in Scripting engine gives you the full power of a complete programming language, allowing you to manipulate and modify your live data as it streams through the DataHub.

  • 执行实时边缘处理
  • 在数据的级别工作
  • 几乎任何系统连接并自定义
  • 扩大现成软件的范围


Camera:Connect a IP or USB camera, and stream live video or images.




Modbus:Exchange data in real time with any Modbus TCP/Ethernet compliant PLC or device.

QuickTrend:Build real-time trend charts using live data from any DataHub points.

APIs:Connect custom programs using this open set of application development interfaces.

OPC警报和事件:从任意数量的服务器读取OPC A&E(Classic)数据并将其连接到任何客户端。